Bubbles on a budget

Tasting report

Bubbles on a budget

There is something unique and special with bubbles on a hot summer day, or perhaps a well deserved celebration. The history of Champagne stretches all the way back to the 18th century. Intwined into celebrations and joy all across the world, and loved by some of our histories biggest personalities like Napoleon Bonaparte and Sir Winston Churchill.

Champagne producer play on the history and glamour when they market their brands, something they have had great success with. Champagne are well established in the market as a luxury product like expensive clothing brands, watches and cars.

But Champagne can be quite expensive, and there are many good cheaper alternatives out there made in the same way.

Ferrari Trento Brut
Fresh aromas of green apples and citrus. A good flavour intensity with hints of biscuits and minerals in the finish.

Pairs With: Scallops, Scampi and Shrimps

Drink: 4-6 years

Producer: Fratelli Lunelli

Country: Italy

District: Trentino Alto Adige


Fratelli Berlucchi Casa delle Colonne Franciacorta Brut
A developed wine with a lot of flavour intensity. Aromas of yellow apples, honey and citrus with hints of brioche and dried apricots. A very long finish

Pairs with: Turbot, lobster and chicken

Drink: 3-4 years

Producer: Fratelli Berlucchi

Country: Italy

District: Lombardia


Pongracz Cape Classique
Aromas of yellow apples and lime, with a hint of red berries and biscuits. Fresh and fruity flavours.

Pairs with: Scallops and shrimps

Drink: 2-3 years

Producer: Cave de Pongracz

Country: South Africa

District: Western Cape


Gustave Lorentz Cremant d`Alsace

Fresh aromas of green apples and citrus with a hint of biscuits. Light and mineral driven finish.

Pairs with: Shrimps and mussels

Drink: 2-3 years

Producer: Gustave Lorentz

Country: France

District: Alsace


Markus Molitor Haus Klosterberg Riesling Sekt Brut

Very aromatic on the nose with aromas of white flowers, green apples, citrus and honey. Fantastic flavour intensity with hints of brioche and vanilla and brioche. Mineral driven and well balanced with a long finish

Pairs with: Lobster, Crayfish and chicken.

Drink: 5-7 years

Producer: Markus Molitor

Country: Tyskland

District: Mosel

Doppf & Irion Cremant d`Alsace Rose`

Elegant and fresh aromas of raspberries and citrus. well balanced flavours with a hint of wild strawberries and cherries in the finish.

Pairs with: Sallads and salmon

Drink: 2-3 years

Producer: Doppf & Irion

Country: France

District: Alsace

Marius has worked in several parts of the wine business for the last 16 years. He is currently working as a Category Coordinator for wine and spirits in the Travel Retail business. He is also a part of a tasting panel for the financial newspaper in Norway and writes articles and lectures in his spare time.Marius has a huge passion and dedication for the wine and spirits industry. He is a certified Sommelier and is currently undertaking the WSET Diploma in wines and spirits education.