Looking at wine

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Looking at wine

The appearance of a wine can actually tell a lot. The colour and depth of the wine hints at the grape variety, and also the age of the wine. Red wine and white wine actually develops a little differently in terms of colour. Red wine becomes brighter and with age opposed to white wine who becomes darker in colour.

By holding the glass against a white background on the table, it becomes easier to inspect the appearance.


When you spin the wine it starts sticking to the glass. This is called viscosity, and the longer they stick to the glass the higher the alcohol in the wine.


Tasting wines blind is like becoming a detective. There are small pieces of the puzzle all the way, and by the help of knowledge, experience an some wits you will be able to solve the mystery.

Marius has worked in several parts of the wine business for the last 16 years. He is currently working as a Category Coordinator for wine and spirits in the Travel Retail business. He is also a part of a tasting panel for the financial newspaper in Norway and writes articles and lectures in his spare time.Marius has a huge passion and dedication for the wine and spirits industry. He is a certified Sommelier and is currently undertaking the WSET Diploma in wines and spirits education.