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Riquewihr is located right at the foot of the famous Vosges mountains that is protecting Alsace from Winds and heavy rain. This small village is well known for it legendary Riesling wines and steep vineyards, but also Cremant.

Riquewihr has a very medieval feeling about it. Most of the building here have survived several world wars and more local ones as well. It has kept up appearance in almost the same manner since the 1500`s. Riquewihr has been crowned one of Frances most beautiful city several times. A lot of the great Alsace producers are located here, like Dopff Irion, Dopff Au Mouling and Hugel.

Dopff Au Moulin was established here as far back as in 1574 by the Dopff family, making it the oldest house here. It is no longer family owned, but the Dopff family still plays a major part in marketing and production. 

Dopff Au Moulin are well known for their great Riesling wines from the Grand Cru vineyard Schoenenbourgh located right next to the house entrance. They are also well known for their Cremant production and was actually the very first to make Cremant in France.

Dopff Irion is a relatively young house compared to others. It was established in 1945 and was a merging of 2 local families. Located in the heart of the city lies Chateau De Riquewihr who was once owned by French Royalties. Now it functions as Dopff Irion`s wine cellar and tasting room.

Hugel & Fils was established in the center of the city in 1902 by Frederic Emile Hugel. They buy a lot of the grapes from local farmers. They have all the wines on the scale from simple entry level to fantastic Grand Cru Rieslings.

Dopff & Irion Cuvee Rene Riesling 2015:

Aromas of yellow apple, lime and apricots. Fresh and fruity on the palate with hints of pears and minerals in the finish.

Pairs with: Scallops, Crayfish and Chicken

Drink: 2-3 years

Producer: Doppf & Irion

Country: France

District: Alsace

Dopff au Moulin Riesling 2015:

Fresh and slim. Aromatic on the nose, dominated by green apples, flowers and white peaches. Flavours of green granny smith apples and lemon. Hint of minerals in the finish.

Passer til: Crayfish, Scallops and chicken


Produsent: Doppf au Moulin

Land: Frankrike

Distrikt: Alsace

Hugel Riesling 2015:
Aromatic on the nose, with Pears, yellow apples and lime dominating, with a hint of green herbs and white flowers. Fresh and fruity on the palate.

Pairs with: Scallops, mussels and cheese

Drink: 2-3 years

Producer:  Hugel & Fils

Country: France

District: Alsace

Marius has worked in several parts of the wine business for the last 16 years. He is currently working as a Category Coordinator for wine and spirits in the Travel Retail business. He is also a part of a tasting panel for the financial newspaper in Norway and writes articles and lectures in his spare time.Marius has a huge passion and dedication for the wine and spirits industry. He is a certified Sommelier and is currently undertaking the WSET Diploma in wines and spirits education.